Membership Benefits

Why Should YOU Join the SJFC? 
  • You LOVE beer! Or cider! Or mead! Or anything else you can ferment at home!
  • You want to learn how it’s made! Or learn how to make your OWN! Or how to make yours BETTER!
  • You want to hang with some very smart, cool people who enjoy sharing their experience, and better yet, their home-crafted beverages!
  • You want to visit breweries and other related places – we have some very fun and interesting bus trips.
  • You would love to serve your homebrew for feedback, fun, or to raise funds for charities!
    Bring yours to our meetings to share or troubleshoot with our more advanced members, and we even have events throughout the year where we serve to the public.
Please Drink Responsibly and be cool to people and animals.
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